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Unifying Water Operations
& Services

We unify and enhance sustainability and customer satisfaction
for the Water Utilities

At NimblTECH we enhance sustainability and customer satisfaction for the Water Utilities.


Unify your day-to-day operations with customer care

through our easy-to-use and innovative software platform.


We are committed to offer value to the Community

by providing easy-to-use & innovative software that serves

human well-being, the environment and water utilities

and contribute to global Sustainability.

The Benefits of using Hydoor Platform

Increase revenues

Increase your revenues and protect the environment, identifying and minimizing NRW.

Respond Promptly

Ensure fast response with instant alerts for outbound quality measurements, leakage and damages, as well as potential sabotage.

Use easily

Our clients describe the user interface as “friendly”, “easy-to-use” and “flexible.

Learn quickly

The web-based environment, with a clean and intuitive design, ensures a quick learning curve.

Request a Demo

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